Medicare Rebates

Psychiatric care is covered by Medicare rebates, which will cover part of the cost. Patients require a Medicare number and a valid referral from a General Practitioner (12 months or indefinite) or medical specialist (3 months). Please contact us for more information on fees.

Medicare rebates are available for 50 sessions per year to any patient. Once an individual, couple or family reach their Original Medicare Safety Net (through paying for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses), you receive a slightly larger rebate. Once you reach your Extended Medicare Safety Net, 80 per cent of your out-of-pocket medical expenses are refunded, so you receive a much larger rebate. Medicare keeps track of medical expenses for you.

Many people do not realise that therapy with a psychiatrist can be the most affordable private option for psychotherapy once the Extended Medicare Safety Net Threshold has been reached. The fees quoted should be considered a rough guide. Medicare discourages doctors from quoting rebates and we have found that there can be a difference in rebate between patients of up to $5 for reasons Medicare cannot explain to us. If you would like a more precise quote or to find how close you are to reaching your Safety Net Thresholds, please contact Medicare directly.

Payment Options

We are not a Bulk Billing service.

We accept all normal forms of payment including Credit and Debit cards.

We can process a rebate claim at reception back to a debit card. If paying by credit card we can also process a rebate claim back to the claimants bank account associated with their medicare card. Please ensure you have associated the correct bank account to your Medicare card via your MyGov account if using this option of receiving a rebate.